March 20th, 2014


weekly birthday post


Hong Kong actor Alex Fong turning 51 on March 17th

Taiwanese actress and singer Vivian Hsu turning 39 on March 19th

Hong Kong actor Simon Yam turning 56 on March 19th

Thai singer and C-QUINT member Fluke turning 29 on March 19th

Singaporean singer Jocie Kwok turning 32 on March 21st

If there are any other birthdays between March 16th and March 22nd, let us know in the comments.

Best Singer-Songwriter Pakho Chau's new EP TOGETHER featuring Joey Yung out soon!

Winning a number of Best Male Singer, Best Singer-Songwriter and Best Song awards, 2013 was indeed a fruitful year for Pakho Chau. Shortly after the release of his album 8 last August, Pakho launches the EP Together, featuring 2014 hits like "Supernatural," "Touching Down," "Together," and "Skylight" featuring Joey Yung.

Product Title: Together
Singer Name(s): Pakho Chau (Singer)
Release Date: 2014-03-25
Language: Cantonese
Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Publisher: Warner Music Hong Kong

01. 異能
02. 著地
03. 同行
04. 傳聞
05. 小孩
06. 天窗 <容祖兒合唱版>

Source: YesAsia