March 19th, 2014


Yang Mi to give birth in June

Father-to-be, Hawick Lau recently revealed that his wife Yang Mi will be giving birth in June, and recounted affectionately the actress' experience with pregnancy to the media.

As reported on China News, the actor, who attended a press conference for his upcoming drama "A Wife's Secret" with co-star Zhao Liying in Beijing recently, revealed that Yang Mi's appetite and behaviour have changed since she was pregnant.

"She eats a lot these days," said Hawick. "Sometimes she asks for pizza, and sometimes she wants roast duck. But she eats a lot every day, saying that it's not her, but the baby who wants it!"

Hawick also denied rumours saying that they are having a boy, saying, "I have no idea whether it's a girl of a boy."

In regards to speculations that Yang Mi will give birth in Hong Kong and that his father, actor Lau Dan, will be taking care of the new mother after childbirth, Hawick said that the baby is due in June, but they have yet to decide where the child will be born.

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