March 11th, 2014


Jackie Chan has a Kpop group

World action star Jackie Chan has finally unveiled all five members of his very own K-Pop group named JJCC (Double JC).

The five members are SimBa,, EDDY, San-Cheong, and Prince Mak. The first four members are Korean, while Prince Mak is a Chinese Australian citizen. The leader is SimBa, and both he and used to be models. They will be in charge of rap. EDDY has already made his TV debut through the cooking survival audition program “Master Chef Korea.” In addition to his cooking skills, he also boasts completion of Jackie Chan’s stunt education. San-Cheong is the youngest and is from Daegu, and Prince Mak placed first on a Chinese music survival audition program. All members are in their 20s and are over 180cm tall.

The group is managed by The Jackie Chan Group Korea, which stated, “All the members have rap, vocal, and songwriting skills, as well as various dance skills such as popping, b-boying, and ballet. They also are able to speak in three languages- English, Chinese, and Korean. Please look forward to more from JJCC, which hopes to represent Asia through each member’s unique talents coming together for a good synergistic effect.”

JJCC are expected to debut in the middle of March.


@lovehkfilm ""I would have named them JC, but Jaycee is so disappointing." -- Jackie Chan"