March 2nd, 2014


GEM to Represent China on America's Kid's Choice Awards 2014

G.E.M participated in I am a Singer 2 and has become Mainland's favorite singer. Last night, the 8th week of I am a Singer 2 aired and although she still hasn't made it to the top three, she is still very popular despite being in 5th place. A few nights ago, GEM recorded the next episode which will be airing in the 9th week, she left a message saying: "To me, the performance is very important to me, its challenging, no regrets..." Whether she can make it in first place, it is still a mystery.

As a matter of fact, yesterday GEM announced news relating to America's Kid's Choice Awards 2014, she will be representing China to compete for the 'Favorite Asian Act' award. GEM asked fans to vote for her on both Weibo and Facebook. She felt honored and happy to represent China for the award. She wrote: "Haha. I'm so excited. Everyone please help me out and vote for me. Please!" GEM posted the link to the website and especially reminded fans that votes are unlimited. On Weibo, GEM has about 7.4 million fans and on Facebook she already has nearly a 1 million likes, therefore her votes can be real threatening. Competing against GEM are artists from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Fans Unfold a Debate on the China-HK Controversy

Fans were excited to hear there could be unlimited amount of votes. However on a discussion forum, there was a huge debate on the China-Hong Kong controversy. Some people left messages on GEM's Facebook page, asking: "Why China? Must be Hong Kong." There were also some criticizing GEM for just trying to please Mainland fans. One fan refuted and said GEM was born in Shanghai. Another person said: "Someone in Hong Kong can represent China's 3 billion population, I think that's something to be proud of!" One fan said whatever it is, they are all GEM supporters and no matter who she's representing, they should not damage the friendly relations.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @