January 26th, 2014


Nicholas Tse hates tardiness

He may have arrived late at the promotional event for "From Vegas to Macau" in Shenzhen, but Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse stressed that he was not the kind who really tolerates tardiness.

Oriental Daily reported that the actor, who appeared at the event with director Wong Jing, producer Andrew Lau, and female co-star Kimmy Tong, stated, "One time, a newcomer was at least half an hour late for filming. I can't let it continue to happen, so I return to my hotel room early instead."

"I had to teach that person a lesson so such behaviour won't continue. Such a delay would not just affect me but the entire team," said Nicholas.

When asked who the newcomer was, Nicholas said that he prefers to make such criticism generally and will not mention any names.

"I have always been on time since I entered showbiz. It'll be my 16th year in the industry this year, and I have never arrived on set too late. Even if I was delayed, I would just adjust without wasting more time on make-up and hair," said Nicholas proudly.

In regards to director Derek Yee who complained about actor's arrogance and tendency to do many things at once instead of focusing on the project in hand, the actor replied, "I completely understand what he was saying. I pity movie directors sometimes.

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Me too, Nicholas, me too.