January 21st, 2014


Is Rainie Yang and JPM Prince's relationship on the rocks?

According to Taiwanese media, Rainie Yang is planning to tie the knot with a businessman named Mr. Lim, whom she has been secretly dating. The reports also claimed that Rainie's mum is very satisfied with her future son-in-law and often talks about him to her neighbours.

Responding to the reports, Rainie's manager said that she 'does not know of any Mr. Lim'. 'Rainie's mum likes everyone, be it male or female,' she added.

Meanwhile, Rainie's rumoured boyfriend, JPM member Prince, was recently spotted staying over at the singer's house, indirectly refuting rumours about their breakup. Prince, who is currently nursing an ankle injury, was even caught speeding when he drove Rainie to the hospital to see the dentist.

At the same time, Prince's manager apologised for breaking traffic rules on the artiste's behalf and emphasised that the two are just 'very, very good friends'.


Ten most anticipated chinese films of 2014

Stepping into 2014, everyone is waiting to watch the Lunar New Year films because of Chow Yun Fat and Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNGWON) and the star studded supporting cast in Sandra Ng Kwan Yu's GOLDEN CHICKENSSS (GUM GAI SSS). Mainland film viewers recently voted online for the most anticipated Chinese films of 2014, of course currently known productions and already completed films were considered. Because this year many big directors return to direct films, it is absolutely good news to film viewers. However famous directors' burdens and pressure are proportional, jumping out of the frame to find a breakthrough is uneasy. Only then are they worth looking forward to and waiting for.

Mainland and Hong Kong tastes are slightly different. Thus the columnist has selected her own favorites to introduce as this year's good films.

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I am so behind on all the new movies, ugh.

Netizen accuses Wilber Pan of stalking and rape

A female netizen from the Mainland called Wilber Pan out on Weibo for these alleged crimes. She used the handle Tang Heng Qiong (唐亨琼).  But her profile has recently been deleted. Her story was captured by various other users and she claims to have connected with Wilber via Weibo and he then proceeded to stalk her in real life.  This supposedly culminated in him breaking into her house and drugging and raping her.

Wilber did not address the rumor personally, but his manager called it ridiculous nonsense.

Fans said that Tang was unstable and has made similar accusations in the past.

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