January 10th, 2014


Wedding: Hawick Lau Vows to Love Yang Mi Without Constraints

Congratulations! 39 year old Hawick Lau and 27 year old Mainland actress Yang Mi were married yesterday (1/8th)! The newly weds held their million dollar wedding ceremony at the BVLGARI Hotel in Bali, and invited 80 guests to witness their special day. The couple did not initially plan to accept interviews from the media, but in the end they decided to happily share their happiness. Hawick declared his love: "I will love you without any constraints!" Yang Mi was touched to tears. It was a touching scene.

The ceremony started at 4:30pm, Hawick's father Lau Dan was in an extremely good mood as he smiled the entire time. He expressed he was very pleased with the whole set up of the wedding and disclosed Yang Mi is 110 pounds! When asked about the rumors that he bride is pregnant? Lau Dan laughed loudly: "Whatever I say is useless, you can all see for yourselves. (Do you want to have grand children?) Everyone does. (The more the better?) Hahaha!"

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Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net