December 17th, 2013


Series version ‘Flying Swords of Dragon Gate’; Michelle Ye plays a whole new Jin Xiangyu

Sharing the same title as Tsui Hark’s movie, the series ‘Flying Swords of Dragon Gate’ is currently filming rapidly, a series version of the classic work. This time around, the Dragon Gate Inn’s innkeeper ‘Jin Xiangyu’ is played by Michelle Ye. Recently, media first exposed Michelle Ye’s image in the series, she is at times a tough warrior, at times a tender one, causing the audience to anticipate much of Michelle Ye’s version of Jin Xiangyu.

Dragon Gate elements deeply rooted in heart, accepted acting role even before reading script

Michelle Ye loved reading Wuxia novels when she was young, from Gu Long to Jin Yong, she has read each and every one of their works, keeping the plots and characters deep in her heart. Her love for Wuxia works causes her to have much fate with female warriors (characters), especially after watching a series of Dragon Gate’s works, she is deeply mesmerized in the story. The coquettish innkeeper Jin Xiangyu especially drew Michelle’s attention. She recalled saying: “I felt that this woman is just too seductive and fascinating, her whole face tells a movie.” Coincidentally the producer of ‘Dragon Gate’ is Michelle Ye’s collaboration partner for years, and when he proposed her playing ‘Jin Xiangyu’, Michelle Ye accepted the role even before reading the script.

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Source: Sina Entertainment
Translated by: Michelle Ye's Realm

F.I.R. Releases a "Better Life"

Better Life is F.I.R.'s gift to fans in the tenth year of their career. Instead of using their usual theme of fantasy, the band explores human relationships in a more down-to-earth approach this time, summarizing their travels and observations in the past two years. The titular track Better Life celebrates friendship, I Remember sings about nostalgia for the past, Light up the Way is a heavy dubstep number and Route 7 is a track F.I.R. dedicates to their fans.

Product Title: Better Life
Singer Name(s): F.I.R. (Singer)
Release Date: 2013-12-20
Language: Mandarin
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Publisher: Warner Music Taiwan

01. 七號公路 Route 7
02. Light up the way
03. 天使都哭了 Crying angel
04. 是你 It's you
05. 大航海鬥士 The ocean fighter
06. I remember
07. 花瘋 Crazy flora
08. 千軍破 Clash of kingdoms
09. 孩子的天空 The children of the sky
10. Better life

Source: YesAsia

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