December 13th, 2013


Mayday was once on the verge of breaking up

Mayday, one of Taiwan's longest-standing rock bands today, was once on the verge of breaking up in 2005, revealed well-known Taiwanese DJ Yuan Yong Xing.

During a recent campus concert, the DJ revealed that Mayday bassist Masa had the thought of leaving the team at that time, which almost resulted in a split between the five members. Fortunately, Masa decided to stay on.

The rock band will celebrate their 15th anniversary next year, following the band's debut in 1999. Lead vocalist Ashin, lead guitarists Monster and Stone, bassist Masa and drummer Guan You have always been on very good terms with one another, with no rumours about any friction between the members over the years.

For their anniversary, Mayday is releasing a commemorative album Step by Step, and have specially selected their 2005 album Contentment as the cover design. They even invited the little girl on the Contentment cover Ling Ling to their photoshoot.