December 10th, 2013


Lee Hom publicly declares his love for wife at concert

Taiwanese heartthrob Wang Lee Hom loves his wife so much that he publicly declared his affection on Saturday during a concert in Nanning, Guangxi.

At the climax of his concert, the singer songwriter announced that he wanted to dedicate the song 'Forever Love' to his wife Lee Jinglei. It was widely known that the song was their love song. He even declared: 'Just like how all of you have always supported me, I will always support and protect Jinglei, because she is the kindest person I've ever met! To love is to cherish and protect.'

His first concert after getting married was met with blessings from fans, who decorated lighted boards that read: 'Congratulations!' and 'Happy marriage!'

Touched by the strong support, he said to his fans: 'It has been a memorable week. Besides having found my lifelong happiness, I've also seen the great support I have from my fans!'

Jinglei was unable to accompany him on his trip due to her studies. The graduate student from Columbia was in media spotlight recently due to rumours that sparked off when Lee Hom announcement of marriage.

Since that announcement 12 days ago, Jinglei has not appeared in public. In response to all the speculations, Lee Hom has defended her firmly.

However, when he arrived in Nanning for rehearsals the day before the concert, he was not wearing his wedding ring, piquing media interest again.

But he did not respond to media queries that ensued, answering only with 'thank you's. His manager explained that as Lee Hom needed to play several instruments and dance during the concert, it was not convenient for him to be wearing his wedding ring.

So apparently he's actually married. Oh lol.