June 22nd, 2013


Charlene Choi Releases New Cantonese Album "Blooming"

On June 20, Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) released her new Cantonese album . Explaining her idea for the concept of 'Blooming', Charlene stated, "I am currently at the age that woman are the most beautiful and start to give off a feminine charm, so using the theme 'Blooming' is most fitting." Naturally, there must be a album cover design relevant to such a theme. Previously, Ah Sa and her production team traveled to England to photograph the album cover and film a music video. Large blooming lavender fields, wheat fields, and sunflower fields as tall as people collectively unified the theme, capturing the most beautiful side of Charlene.

Many musicians were invited to work together on the album. In addition to continuously working with Eric Kwok and Riley Lam, Charlene also collaborated with Keith Chan (from YLK Organization), Alex Fung, Pong Nan and The Island, incarnating Charlene into different images and sharing her life experiences with listeners. To match the theme 'Blooming', a lot of thought was putting into the music composition, incorporating the accordion and weaving string instruments into the songs, increasing the exotic style of the music.

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Other songs include: <Little Place>, <Not Enough To Please>, <Mist>, <East and West>, <Overwhelmingly Flattered>and <Camera>.

The album also includes 5 music videos: <Alive>, <Mistaken>, <Intelligent Fool>, <To Be Kind To Women>, and<Mist>.

Source: EEG Music
Translation: mutts @ http://asianfanatics.net

Faye Wong sends daughter to study overseas

Faye Wong's older daughter Leah Dou was spotted meeting up with a teenage male friend, when she celebrated her birthday in Hong Kong earlier this year. To stop the 16-year-old from getting involved in a romantic relationship, the Chinese songbird has sent her daughter to study in California.

According to media reports, Leah has not been getting along well with her stepfather Li Yapeng due to her rebellious streak. She was previously transferred to an international school in Shanghai, after her mother found out about her puppy love with a Beijing boyfriend.
In addition, recent reports also claimed that Leah is on very close terms with her American classmate named Christophe, whom she met while studying in Shanghai. Photos of the two posing next to each other were published, including one which showed the boy planting a kiss on Leah's head.

Faye tied the knot with Dou Wei, member of Chinese rock band “Black Panther”, in 1996 and gave birth to Leah in the following year. The couple was divorced after three years, before the singer married her second husband Li Yapeng in 2005.


Jackie Chan reported dead... again

Another Jackie Chan death hoax has been circulating the web recently, causing much confusion and anger to the star's family and fans.

As reported on International Business Times, the 59-year-old action superstar allegedly passed away from a heart attack due to extreme stress, a report that was also purportedly confirmed by a hospital in Los Angeles.

In addition, a new Facebook page, "RIP Jackie Chan" was also created, causing much misunderstanding among fans of the star.

Representatives of the "CZ12" actor have responded to the death reports, saying, "Jackie Chan is alive and well. He didn't suffer a heart attack as was reported on many social networking sites and online news portals."

This is not the first time that the actor has been pronounced dead. Jackie was the victim of a celebrity death hoax in 2010, March and August 2011, as well as in 2012, with the actor reportedly dead due to a skiing accident.

Source: http://my.entertainm...-091900818.html

Takeshi Kaneshiro unfazed by weight gain comments

Taiwanese-Japanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro is not the least bothered by netizens' comments on his 'aging looks' after his recent photos were published.

'Rather than spending time and money to earn compliments for my appearance, why not spend that effort on contributing to the society?' said Takeshi in response to recent reports on his looks.

Nailing an airline endorsement deal reportedly worth NT$30 million (approximately S$1.26 million), Takeshi recently travelled to Japan and France where the commercial was shot at. The actor returned to Taiwan last month and wrapped things up with a final scene in the picturesque Taitung County.

In the final scene, Takeshi was seen riding a bicycle through the fields. The actor was said to be in such good spirits that he continued riding the bicycle even after the director was satisfied with the take.

As it was his first visit to Taitung, the 39-year-old also grabbed the opportunity to visit the local restaurants with the crew to indulge in the county's specialty dishes.