April 27th, 2013

Laure Shang Wenjie

Fan Bingbing overthrows Jay Chou as most influential celebrity on Forbes China Celebrity 100 list


Apparently not one to highlight gender differences, the Associated Press calls her a “local heartthrob.” Actress Fan Bingbing jumps two places from 2012 to take the crown as China’s top celebrity from Jay Chou, this year’s runner-up, according to Forbes China. This is the first time since Yao Ming‘s six-year streak, from 2004-2009, that a Mainland Chinese celebrity has topped the list. The top 100 combined suffered an 11% paycut this year, earning ¥482,600,600 less than the previous year. Nevertheless, the stars still took home more than ¥3.8 billion, or around US$613 million. Donnie Yen is this year’s highest earning celebrity, adding ¥115 million to his pockets.

The list further fuels celebrity tabloid rivalries as Fan Bingbing’s (1) red carpet attention and upcoming Hollywood roles outshine Zhang Ziyi (5) as Western media’s Chinese actress of choice. Fellow Bingbing, Li, drops from 20 to 26.

Jay Chou (2) again beats out Wang Leehom (12), despite Wang’s currently ongoing, successful world tour. And Li Yundi (55) plays second fiddle to fellow classical pianist Lang Lang (51). Meanwhile, Super Girl Chris Li (15) outperforms Jane Zhang (45) undeterred by Zhang’s bigger bank account.
Similarly, Jet Li (41) lined his pockets more than higher-ranked kung fu superstar Jackie Chan (4).

Actor Takeshi Kaneshiro, the go-to face in Asia for men’s luxury goods, drops off the list after a slow descent over previous years. His touted successor, Godfrey Gao, is also absent from the list.

Author Mo Yan (16) storms onto the list for the first time, thanks to his Nobel Prize in literature (and accompanying $1.2 million in prize money). And Yang Mi (7) cements herself as one of China’s tops actresses, jumping from 13th place last year, and 92nd the in 2011.

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Peng Tan releases new album

Album : Migration (迁徙)
Artist : Peng Tan (彭坦)
Release : 25 April 2013
Language : Mandarin

Track List :
01 Intro
02 美丽山 | Mei Li Shan
03 墨荭潮 | Mo Hong Chao
04 迷失 | Mi Shi
05 河边 | He Bian
06 慢慢的 | Man Man De
07 墙 | Qiang
08 东西 | Dong Xi
09 白房子 | Bai Fang Zi
10 Outro

In 2013, Peng Tan got signed by Modern Sky, and released a new studio album “Migration” after three years absence  After leaving his hometown Wuhan a decade ago, Peng Tan first founded a band, then chose to be a solo musician, and even though his career seems very smooth, there were a lot of hidden obstacles in his way. After “flying” on his own for a while, Peng Tan returned to his original band like a migratory bird to start working on the “Migration” album.

The release date of the new album is also a logical and important point for Peng Tan and his fans, in other words, this release is a summary of ten years work and experience. On April 25th, the long-awaited album will be finally released, and satisfy the many music fans’ anticipation.


Just got a hold of it, I'm excite I didn't think he'd ever release again lol