April 26th, 2013


"Bullet Brain" criticisms increase

It has been two weeks since the Hong Kong broadcast of Wayne Lai's new TVB drama "Bullet Brain", but the ratings remain stagnant at 26 points with approximately 1.7 million viewers.

According to Jayne Stars website, the drama is still unable to capture viewer's attention and has been highly criticised for being dull, a huge contradiction to Wayne's assurance earlier that "Bullet Brain" would be a good watch.

Various complaints were mentioned by viewers, including illogical and non-refreshing plot, apparent plagiarism, lack of authentic historical details, and unethical content.

They also slammed the drama for being disrespectful towards Christianity and negatively affecting the Hong Kong police department's image.

In addition, netizens were also unsatisfied with lead actress Sire Ma's acting, and stated that Natalie Tong's character, who possesses schizophrenia-like symptoms, has been far better than Sire's acting.

A netizen even stated, "Sire is pretty, but her stiff acting and Cantonese accent is annoying, In episode 9, she kept crying out "Columbo" (Wayne Lai's character) over 35 times within 21 minutes of screen time!"

Source: http://my.entertainm...-091100593.html

anyone watching it?