April 24th, 2013


Actors cancel press conferences in wake of earthquake

At the OUR ETERNALLY LOST YOUTH premeire, Vicki Zhao, Han Geng and Mark Chao were dressed in black with a green ribbon in memory of the victims
courtesy of mingpao.com

The Peter Chan Ho Sun directed AMERICAN DREAMS IN CHINA (JUNG GOK HUP FOR YUN) originally planned a theme song press conference yesterday with Huang Xiaoming, Deng Chao and Tong Dawai performing. Yet because of the Ya'an earthquake they agreed to cancel yesterday's press conference. Instead they performed Jacky Cheung Hok Yau's BLESSING (JOOK FOOK) to pray for Ya'an. At the start of the event, a moment of silent was held. Huang Xiaoming spoke first and said that originally it was a press conference about the film theme song, which now they decided not to discuss; then the trio performed BLESSING. The event ended after five minutes but won the applause of everyone.

At the same time, Tong Dawai was working in Bazhong, which was 300 kilometers away from Ya'an and received many calls. He said that that morning he just shot an explosion scene. Later one of the crew said that the 11th floor was rocking and they finally realized it was an earthquake. He said that at the time he was at the explosion scene and could not tell whether it was the explosion or the earthquake. He and his wife donated 200,000 tents so the victims would not have to live outdoors. He regretted that he was unable to assist with the relief in the front line.

Already donated 1 million RMB, Vicki Zhao Wei originally had a press conference and a red carpet premiere for the film she directed, OUR ETERNALLY LOST YOUTH, but because the Ya'an rescue was still in process, no one wanted to have any celebration. Thus they decided to cancel the press conference and the red carpet. Only the premiere went on as scheduled; at the premiere, Zhao Wei, Han Geng and Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) all wore black and a green ribbon. A moment of silence was held to cheer on the disaster area.


Jackie Chan blasted for hypocrisy

Jackie Chan has never been one to be free from controversy, as the martial arts superstar was recently called a hypocrite for filming a PSA campaign for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

According to The Blaze website, in the "Calling Out for Equality" ad campaign, that was made for GLAAD - the leading lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender international community, Jackie Chan literally came out of a closet after stating, "It's not enough to talk about those fighting for freedom, for equality, until you are one of those fighting."

While the ad was well-received with the foreign media, the Hong Kong community instead slammed the actor's advocacy for the LGBT equality in the campaign to be "utterly disturbing" as Jackie had once spoke against democracy and human rights in Hong Kong and China.

Earlier, Jackie sparked bad publicity when he openly declared the United States to be the "most corrupt [country] in the world" during a television interview, while at the same time, enraged many Hong Kong residents when he reportedly went on to say that Chinese people [needed] to be controlled.

Meanwhile, openly gay Hong Kong singer, Anthony Wong shared the ad on his Facebook account, and wrote, "Will Jackie do the same thing for us in Hong Kong and mainland China?"

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