April 23rd, 2013


Aaron Kwok and Lynn Hung breakup

A new twist has developed in the love triangle between Aaron Kwok, Lynn Xiong and Christine Kuo – Lynn is rumoured to have two-timed Aaron during their seven-year relationship by secretly seeing a tycoon whom she met at an overseas event.

Sources revealed that Lynn had announced the break-up with Aaron in a bid to avoid being labelled a “betrayer”, indirectly making herself a “victim” of the split.

The frugal model-actress is said to have become increasingly materialistic after she gained recognition as a top model due to her status as the heavenly king’s girlfriend.

According to media reports, Lynn first met the billionaire tycoon early last year. The 32-year-old reportedly did not reject his advances as he fulfilled her material wants and promised to give her a “status”. An insider said, “Though she was still in love with Aaron, she wanted to give herself more options, especially when she needed money as her dad was very ill at the time.

“I heard that the tycoon helped her quite a bit.”

Lynn was believed to be moved by Aaron when he promised to marry the model after her father passed away in January. However, she was left disappointed as the singer repeatedly used his concert tour as an excuse to postpone the marriage plans.

Sources claimed that it is during this period of time that Aaron learned of Lynn’s relationship with the tycoon. He is said to have stopped answering his girlfriend’s calls for a month until his tour ended when he initiated the break-up.

On the other hand, Christine, who has been accused as the third party that came between the couple, recently bought a unit in the same apartment building as Aaron’s mum. Her thrifty and easy-going personality has also apparently won her the likes of the singer’s mum, his friends and even his manager Xiao Mei, who arranged the VIP seats for her during the concert.


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