April 13th, 2013


Zhou Mi and Calvin Chen u gaiz

Cation was first thrown to the wind on April 9th, when Calvin Chen, Danson Tang and Zhou Mi had gone out to a karaoke booth, accompanied by some press for interviews.

Actual article title: Zhou Mi talks openly about rumors, snuggles against Calvin Chen's shoulders

"Because Zhou Mi filmed a drama with MTV VJ Calvin Chen, they became good friends. So when Zhou Mi came to Taiwan to promote his new book Tai Wan Mei, Calvin Chen acted as host, especially renting a KTV booth to interview him, as well as to sing some karaoke to have fun. Zhou Mi joked that Calvin Chen was his "scandal boyfriend", deliberately snuggling against Calvin Chen's shoulder, then the two danced enthusiastically to (Stanley Huang's) "音浪 (Sound Wave)" with no regard to their idol image and forgetting they were still recording for the program."

MTV posted the same artical but with the equally amusing title "Calvin Chen invites scandal boyfriend Zhou Mi for karaoke, Danson Tang reduced to being the server"

Zhou Mi continued this little 'joke' on his weibo.

Read more at Omona They Didnt: http://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/10970223.html#ixzz2QNL8yKHA

Lol, don't they know that Aaron Yan is the gay one in Fahrenheit? Gosh.

'Cold War' Sweeps Hong Kong Film Awards

The Hollywood Reporter -- HONG KONG – Cold War raged through the 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards, winning nine statuettes out of 19 competition categories.

The Edko Films cop drama, which the screenwriting-directing team of Longman Leung and Sunny Luk took five years to develop, won best film, best director, best screenplay, and best actor. Cold War was the highest grossing local production in Hong Kong in 2012, taking $5.4 million at the Hong Kong box office.

Best actor went to Tony Leung Ka-fai for his role as a deputy police commissioner in Cold War, marking the fourth time The Lover star took home the award after his previous wins for Reign Behind the Curtain (1983), 92 Legendary La Rose Noire (1992), and Election (2005).

Singer-turned-actress Miriam Yeung was named best actress for the first time for her performance in the romantic comedy sequel Love in a Buff. The role was a reprisal of her turn as a smoker and beauty consultant in director Pang Ho-cheung’s 2010 original Love in a Puff.

Although Pang Ho-cheung lost to the Cold War screenwriting-directing team in the best director and best screenplay categories, he proved an actor’s director. Apart from best actress winner Miriam Yeung in his Love in the Buff, two actors from his other 2012 hit, Vulgaria, also took home acting awards. Ronald Cheng and Dada Chan won the best supporting actor and actress, respectively, for Vulgaria.

List of 32nd Hong Kong Film Awards Winners:

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