April 2nd, 2013


Leslie Cheung's last words finally revealed

Late Hong Kong star Leslie Cheung's last words were revealed at his memorial concert held in Hong Kong yesterday.

The concert, named 'Miss You Much Leslie', was held on the eve of his death anniversary to mark the 10th year since his death. The well-loved singer and actor committed suicide in 2003.

Leslie's former manager and close friend, Florence Chan, previously announced that she would reveal Leslie's last words '“ a secret that she had kept for 10 years - at the concert.

The memorial concert started off with an audio message from Florence. While recalling what happened on the day of his death, she said, 'My heart sank and I felt light-headed when I heard a loud bang.'

She also revealed that the last voicemail Leslie left her was, 'I can finally get a good sleep now'.

Florence added that the song 'To My Friends' '“ written by Jacky Cheung for the late Hong Kong singer-actress Anita Mui '“ reflects her feelings towards Leslie, especially the part that says, 'Don't worry; we know that you are free now, and we will always miss you.'

Various Hong Kong stars also paid their tribute to Leslie at the concert. In a message to Leslie, Tony Leung said, 'It's been 10 years since I saw you. I really want to know if you miss us.'

At this moment, a video showing snippets of Leslie's past concerts appeared on the big screen, and Leslie replied via the video, 'I miss all of you the most!'

Hong Kong singer Vivian Chow said in a choked voice that she worked with Leslie once and he even wrote the song 'If you knew my reasons' for her. She had to fight back tears while performing the song.

Hong Kong host Susie Wong said that Leslie once appeared in her dream. In the dream, Leslie was dressed in a suit and he stood on an unlit stage, asking her to tell his friends 'not to be sad' on his behalf.


Jennifer Tse: "New York was tough!"

Life as a stranger in the big city is not as easy as anybody thinks, which actress Jennifer Tse realised after months of studying acting in New York.

TVB News World revealed that at the Juicy Couture party that was held on 26 March, Jennifer shared her experience of living in the Big Apple, stating that the process of adjustment was a tough one and she often called her mother, Deborah Li to express her feelings about living on her own.

The actress shared, "One day, I had class from noon to 3 am. I called my mother and cried about the stress. She was very worried about me but was very supportive. She told me that after I done crying, I had to continue to go to class even more professionally."

"But my father [Patrick Tse Yin] said that acting didn't need to be learned," the actress added with a laugh.

Jennifer also expressed that acting classes were like psychology, and she had to remember unhappy memories, saying, "I am naturally optimistic, I wouldn't remember anything unpleasant. But I still had to remember heart-breaking memories."

Meanwhile, the actress also denied a rumour saying that she and boyfriend Andy On had a huge row as the actor was not supportive of her overseas studies.

Jennifer clarified, "We have a great relationship and we really didn't argue. Andy was working on a movie, and that's why he did not keep me company in New York."

She added, "Everyone has been very supportive of me. When we first started dating, I would be unhappy when I didn't see him. Now we are an old couple, and he is very supportive of me."

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