February 25th, 2013


Oscars 2013: Ang Lee wins best director for 'Life of Pi'

A huge congrats to ANG LEE for winning Best Director for Life of Pi at the Oscars!!!!!

And he mentioned Taiwan in his thank you speech too! “I can not make this movie without the help of Taiwan, especially the city of Taichung, 謝謝.

"Life of Pi," based on Yann Martel's bestseller, centers on a boy's survival in the ocean after a tragic shipwreck. The film, which cost $120 million, has grossed more than $111 million domestically and $465 million overseas.

Lee's win marks "Life of Pi's" fourth win of the evening. "Thank you, movie god," quipped the Taiwanese director.

The 3-D film also nabbed prizes for cinematography, score and visual effects. It's the first time a director has won for helming a 3-D movie.

Source: LA Times & all-things-Korean


Rainie Yang: Prince and I are just friends

Following Prince's clarification of the dating rumours between him and Rainie Yang via his microblog recently, Rainie Yang also spoke up to share her side of the story.

The Taiwanese singer-actress showed up in public for the first time yesterday, after rumours of her relationship with Prince, a member of Taiwanese boy band JPM, broke out.

According to the Taiwanese media, fans of the duo have been engaged in an online dispute after the pair's alleged romance was exposed when they were caught vacationing in Hawaii recently. Rainie's fans claimed that Prince does not deserve Rainie, while Prince's fans argued that Rainie was undeserving of his love.

Responding to the controversy and rumours, Prince clarified through his microblog that Rainie and him are just 'seeing each other normally as friends' and pleaded his fans to stop attacking Rainie and her fans.

Some fans interpreted his comment as an indirect acknowledgement of their relationship. However, Rainie dismissed the possibility and said, 'He didn't mean it that way, everyone has their own interpretation, but please don't misunderstand, he wasn't acknowledging the relationship!'

She added, 'We are just friends who can get along with each other very well. Just treat these rumours as a form of entertainment and laugh it off.'

When asked if she was worried that the dispute between her fans and Prince's fans would affect her popularity, Rainie replied that she would not be bothered by such issues.

Dismissing the rumours of her and Prince caught wearing 'couple sunglasses' in Hawaii, Rainie claimed that they have similar taste and coincidentally picked the same pair of sunglasses. The only difference is the colour of the sunglasses lenses, she added.


Lol, these things are so hilarious to me...

Stephen Chow hints at making horror films

The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN)'s Mainland box office has already exceeded 800 million RMB and placed second in Chinese film behind only LOST IN THAILAND. Sing Yeh earlier promoted in Chongqing. Speaking of the film being accused of copying from the Japanese video game ASURA'S WRATH, he did not directly respond but only admitted that the film had flaws. "Each film has its flaws, mine is no exception. I can only do my best to make it the best, using the next one to make up for the lack of the previous one."

Sing Yeh said that JOURNEY included entertainment, comedy, and deep meaning of good and evil. As for the terrifying scenes that frightened children in the film, he said, "I didn't think of it before, but now that everyone is saying that I thought of it now. Horror film will be my road from now on." he felt that comedy could also have horror and romantic elements.

Sing Yeh and Culture China Media's JOURNEY TO THE WEST film city in Tongxiang Wuzhen international tourism area will cost over 2 billion yuan. Sing Yeh will occupy 25% of ownership.