February 22nd, 2013


Shawn Yue's romantic getaway exposed

Dating rumours on Hong Kong celebrities Shawn Yue and Kary Ng brought on a new wave of speculations after photos of the pair in London were posted online.

According to media reports, a netizen commented that he saw the lovebirds "strolling along the streets in Soho, London". Although only their backs were revealed in the photos, their stylish appearances were easily recognised by him.

Meanwhile, talks are rife that the celeb duo is keeping their three months relationship under wraps after they reportedly kept a distance from each other and sped down the streets in London.

Both of them have not commented on this matter since photographs of them holding hands in Hong Kong, and behaving intimately at London's Heathrow airport was leaked.

It is also believed that they are still holidaying in London after the 31-year-old actor uploaded several London's tourist attractions on his social photo-sharing site Instagram these two days.


Yay i like both of them soooo~