February 20th, 2013

Hu Ge

The “androgynous gala” reflects changing attitudes on gender boundaries

Who's male and  and who's female?

Only a few years ago, Li Yuchun was widely criticized for being androgynous, and Western media like the Times even used her as an
example of the state’s disapproval of such phenomenon?  Yet if you watched this year’s Spring Festival Gala, nicknamed the “gender-bending
” by netizens, you would’ve never guessed that was ever an issue.

There’s the now staple performer Li Yugang, a man who is rarely not in a dress, and is dressed up as the moon goddess this year.  Actress Qin Hailu’s skit features a high-powered female exec with a slick short hairdo and a black suit while her male employee dons a long wig, a pouty voice, and addresses everyone by “dear.”

It wasn’t an abnormality, neither. Of the five skits on China’s most watched show of the year, almost all of them defy normal gender roles. Skit A features a pretty flaming male designer dressed in pink as the righteous if vain protagonist.  Skits C, D, and E all feature female execs and their male workers.  Skit B‘s protagonist is nicknamed the Empress on the Internet, which I think says it all.

Zhang Jie and Lin Yoga sing about wanting to hold hands and fall in love

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Rainie Yang and Prince's romance exposed

The romance of Taiwanese singer-actor Rainie Yang and Prince of Taiwanese boy band JPM was exposed after the couple was spotted vacationing in Hawaii recently.

To avoid being identified by the public or the paparazzi, Rainie and Prince walked separately and waited for most of the passengers to clear customs before proceeding. They also covered their faces with their passports along the way.

An eyewitness saw Rainie waiting patiently for Prince at a corner while he organised his belongings. The pair then left the airport together after collecting their luggage.

However, Rainie's manager has denied that the couple is dating and clarified, 'Rainie rarely gets some time off work, so she went for a holiday with five to six friends over the Lunar New Year holiday.'

Prince's manager also claimed that Rainie and Prince went to Hawaii with a group of friends.

Dating rumours between the 28-year-old Rainie and 23-year-old Prince first surfaced last year after the pair were spotted visiting each other's house on a few separate occasions last year, but both stars have repeatedly they are more than just friends.