February 13th, 2013


Taiwanese artiste Jacky Chu suspected of drug abuse

Taiwanese artiste Jacky Chu was arrested on suspicions of taking drugs at a New Year party yesterday.

According to the Taiwanese media, the former member of Taiwanese boy band 183 Club threw a Lunar New Year house party in Taiwan yesterday midnight.

A packet of marijuana reportedly dropped out of Jacky's pocket when the police arrived at the party after receiving complaints from the neighbours that they were making too much noise.

The police then found another six grams of marijuana after searching the place thoroughly.  Jacky and the house owner were immediately brought to the police station for further investigations.

Jacky however claimed that he was innocent, 'I didn't take drugs at all. The drugs aren't mine; they belong to the house's owner.'

The 33-year-old who comes from a wealthy family was released on a NT$30,000 (approximately S$1300) bail yesterday.

Sun Derong, former manager of Jacky, expressed his disappointment after hearing the news. 'If Jacky really took drugs, he should stay home and be a young master instead of being an artiste,' he said sarcastically.

In 2007, Jacky was also arrested for consuming drugs and his entertainment career hit rock bottom after he was sent to the drug rehabilitation centre.


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