February 11th, 2013


Bosco Wong to play Detective Dee

Bosco Wong will be playing the role of a younger Tang Dynasty detective, Dee Renjie, in the new Chinese drama "Young Sherlock" following the success of the "Detective Dee" franchise in mainland China in recent years.

Not to be confused with Tsui Hark's upcoming Hong Kong film, "Detective Dee the Prequel", Jayne Stars website reported that "Young Sherlock" is a 40-episode historical-detective drama filled with mystery, suspense, and romance. The historical epic will also touch on intriguing political drama, including Wu Zetian's rise to imperial power and the Xuanwu Gate Incident.

In "Young Sherlock", twenty-year-old Renjie travels to the empire's capital, Chang'an, to take the imperial Mingjing examinations - supervised by the Empress Consort, Wu Zetian. During the examination, an assassin disguised as a student attempts to kill the Empress, but was stopped by Renjie.

The Empress later on orders Renjie to track the killer, who Renjie later realises to be a woman.

In addition to Bosco Wong playing the character for the first time, the show also cast Ruby Lin as the intelligent Wu Zetian, Yuan Hong as Emperor Gaozong, and Ma Tianyu as Di Renjie's competitive sidekick, Wang Yuanfang.

The drama also stars Stephy Qi as Renjie's medical friend, Li Wanqing, as well as Hunan TV host, Cindy Sun Xiaoxiao, who makes her acting debut in the drama as Renjie's childhood friend, Tong Mengyao.

The broadcasting schedule for "Young Sherlock" has yet to be announced.

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