February 7th, 2013


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Shawn Yue & Miriam Yeung in "Love in a Puff"


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Hong Kong actress Miriam Yeung turning 39 on January 3rd

Taiwanese singer Tank turning 31 on January 6th

Hong Kong actress Sharla Cheung turning 46 on February 7th

Hong Kong actor Dicky Cheung turning 48 on February 8th

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi turning 34 on February 9th

Chinese singer Han Geng turning 29 on February 9th

If there are any birthdays not mentioned here between February 3rd and February 9th, please let us know in the comments.

Chinese Beverage Maker Turns Legal Setback Into Viral Ad Campaign

February 7, 2013 by Rachel Lu

This article also appears i ChinaFile, a Tea Leaf Nation partner site.

This is no tempest in an herbal tea pot. The JDB Group, the maker of China’s most popular herbal tea that raked in approximately 20 billion RMB (US$3.2 billion) in revenues in 2012 lost another legal battle n it epic trademark war ith the state-owned Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group in late January.

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Source:  tea leaf nation

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