February 5th, 2013


Hong Kong singers Denise Ho and Anthony Wong blacklisted in China

Hong Kong singers Denise Ho and Anthony Wong (of Cantopop group Tat Ming Pair) were reportedly blacklisted in China after the two recently declared that they are homosexuals; the both of them are now forbidden to appear on all public broadcasting and radio channels.

According to reports, Denise and Anthony have '˜crossed the line' after showing their support for the '˜Dare to Love' event that celebrates homosexuality culture in Hong Kong as well as publicly denouncing national education.

Rumour has it that Denise's request to appear on China CCTV's popular television progra Dream Choir s a guest was rejected, and her management company later found out that Denise was being blacklisted.

When contacted by reporters to confirm the rumours, a representative from Denise's management company commented, 'I have never heard of China blacklisting Denise and Anthony Wong. As for rumours of Denise not being allowed o Dream Choir, I need to check with my colleagues in China because they are in charge of arranging the schedule.'

Meanwhile, Denise who is currently filming for a Chinese commercial declined to comment on the matter.

When reporters contacted cantopop singer Anthony, he said that he is unsure if he has been blacklisted. 'Earlier on, Beijing Television invited me to attend a Spring Festival program, but I turned down because of my busy schedule.'

The 50-year-old felt that he should not be suppressed for coming clean with his sexual orientation as he has not done anything unreasonable. Anthony also hoped that the rumours of him being blacklisted are untrue.


Taiwanese singer Pan An Bang dies at age 52

Veteran Taiwanese singer Pan An Bang passed away from kidney cancer at age 52 yesterday morning, leaving behind his Taiwanese host wife Wang Zhi Xiang and a son.

He suffered from kidney failure due to kidney cancer, and his condition reportedly deteriorated rapidly last week.

The singer, who debuted in 1979, shot to fame with the song '˜Grandma's Penghu Bay' retired from the music scene in 1993 to start a retail business in America.

An Bang was diagnosed with aortic dissection 14 years ago, and was advised by the doctor not to be angry or agitated. However, the passionate singer risked his life in 2003 to hold his 25th anniversary concert.

His longtime friend and Taiwanese singer Han Xian Guang said while confirming the news of An Bang's death, 'An Bang was a very devoted Buddhist, he hoped to leave this world in a quiet manner, without disturbing anyone.'

He added that An Bang passed on peacefully with the company of his family.


Barbie Hsu goes shopping in baggy clothes

Barbie Hsu was spotted in baggy clothing while shopping for household products with her husband on Sunday, and her choice of outfit further fuelled pregnancy speculations.  

The Taiwanese actress recently dismissed all rumours through her microblog, commenting that she will announce personally if there is any good news. However, speculations resurfaced after she missed Taiwanese film and television tycoon Yang Deng Kui's memorial session which was held recently.

When asked by reporters if she is expecting, the 36-year-old replied with a black face that she had already clarified on her microblog. She once again emphasised, 'If there is any big news I will announce it myself.'

Persistent reporters quizzed Barbie on her absence at benefactor Yang Deng Kui's memorial session and the actress asked to be excused and left the scene hurriedly with her husband.

Commenting on the issue, Barbie's mother said, 'Barbie lost two fathers within a short period of time, she hopes that Yang Deng Kui will always live in her heart. If she had attended his memorial session, she is admitting that he has left this world forever.'