January 25th, 2013


Chinese Blogger’s Peculiar but Viral Guide to Finding a Good Man

January 22, 2013 by Liz Carter

A open letter ent viral on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, yesterday, and it wasn’t about Obama’s inauguration. The author of the letter, popular microblogger @留几手, who we’ll simply call Mr. Liu, is known primarily for an online service seemingly modeled on the American websit Hot or Not. Weibo users, usually women, send him pictures of themselves; in exchange, he gives them the proverbial Simon Cowell treatment, most commonly doling out negative scores that follow paragraphs of harsh criticism. In his letter, entitled “@留几手 Teaches You How to Identify Good Men,” Liu has advised women to look at men from several different angles to see if they were up to snuff.

Defyin conventional wisdom in modern China, Liu does not advise his female readership to look for signs of wealth in a potential mate. In fact, the first piece of advice he proffers: avoid men wearing expensive, brand-name clothing. “80% of men like this come from money. Do you think they lack for women?” he remarks, “Look at yourself in the mirror. Are yo baifumei Chinese Internet slang literally meaning 'white rich beautiful']? If not, then you should think hard about what it is he sees in you.” Good men, according to Liu, wear quality clothes without visible branding, like those from H&M and UNIQLO.

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source tea leaf nation