January 16th, 2013


The Grandmasters Makes 180 Million RMB In The Mainland In A Week

The Wong Kar Wai directed THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) after a week in release in the Mainland already passed 180 million yuan RMB at the box office, after 4 days in Hong Kong release it broke HK$8 million. THE GRANDMASTERS began a Grand Master Storm as THE GRANDMASTERS kung fu tea and Tony Leung Chiu Wai hat sales have been heating up online

Industry insiders also supported THE GRANDMASTERS. Taiwan director Giddens Ko described it as an "early Republic martial art epic, Leung Chiu Wai at his most handsome"; European and American media also gave high praises to the film, describing it as "a daring beginning of an innovative artistic territory". Wong Kar Wai also received praise for merging the traditional Chinese kung fu and high technology


Relationship between Tony Leung and Wong Kar-Wai sours

Award-winning Hong Kong actor Tony Leung found out that his role i The Grandmaster as fashioned to complement international star Zhang Ziyi as a supporting actor during the preview screening of the martial arts flick. The 50-year-old is believed to be very unhappy and as a result he has stopped talking to director Wong Kar-Wai.

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Show Luo gains popularity with comical role

Director Stephen Chow praises the Taiwanese actor-singer's comic talent in his challenging role for ˜Journey to the West"

Show Luo's role in famous actor-director Steven Chow's upcoming movi Journey to the West as been rapidly gaining popularity after it was recently unveiled.

Fans can expect a good laugh from Show, as director Stephen Chow described him as "the atomic bomb of comedy", praising his comic talent.

The multi-talented Taiwanese singer-actor plays a "weak gentleman" in the movie, alongside big names such as Taiwanese actress Shu Qi and Chinese actor Wen Zhang.

Show said that he was honoured to be able to fulfill his dream of acting in his idol Stephen Chow's movie.

Commenting on his role, Show said that his character i Journey to the West ould bring pleasant surprises for the audience.

Contrary to his usual on-stage image where fans are used to seeing him dance, Show said that Stephen did not allow him to dance in the movie in order to give the audience a refreshing image. He added, "Stephen is wise like that".