December 28th, 2012


Are Vic Zhou and Reen Yu living together?

Rumoured lovebirds Vic Zhou and Reen Yu are allegedly cohabiting after the actress was spotted around Vic's place on many occasions. The media's most recent sighting of the couple took place last Thursday when Vic was yet again, seen fetching Reen to a supermarket near his place. The duo returned to his apartment after the grocery shopping.

When asked, Vic's manager refused to comment on the actor's personal issues and expressed that assumptions are unnecessary.

Similarly, Reen's manager denied the cohabitation rumours and said, 'This is normal behaviour between friends. She goes shopping with her other friends too.'

Vic and Reen first met on the set of Taiwanese dram Black & White n 2009 but they were not romantically linked until the next year when the model-actress was frequently seen shuttling in and out of Vic's place. Though both sides have repeatedly refuted dating claims, Vic celebrated his 31st irthday with Reen this year, where the pair reportedly went to a massage centre together.


Stephen Chow news post

Wong Jing thinks Stephen Chow likes money more than movies

Wong Jing and Stephen Chow Sing Chi have worked together countless times and created many classic comedy films, unfortunately in the end due to different values they grew further and further apart and made another collaboration difficult. Wong Jing yesterday appeared on a Commercial Radio interview. He said that after working with Chow Sing Chi on ALL FOR THE WINNER (DOH JUP) many of their films performed well. Wong Jing said, "He is super smart, has a lot of ideas and extremely high potential

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Stephen Chow calls Shu Qi "comedy fighter jet"

The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed film JOURNEY TO THE WEST (SAI YAU GONG MOR PIN) will be released in the Lunar New Year. Yesterday he along with actors Shu Qi, Wen Zhang and Huang Bo attended the Beijing press conference. Sing Yeh praised the 3 actors for their great acting. They were filled of comedy senses, with them he could almost retire from comedy! He was still able to direct though. Shu Qi revealed that when she was named the lead actress, she admitted that she was a little surprised and agreed to perform right away. 
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