December 27th, 2012


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Singaporean actor and model Elvin Ng turning 32 on December 23rd

Taiwanese actor Mike He turning 28 on December 28th

If there are any birthdays not mentioned here between December 23rd and December 29th, please let us know in the comments.

Jay Chou raps about a corrupt eunuch

TAIPEI, Taiwan
AP) &mdash Taiwan's pop kin Jay Chou as played roles as varied as superhero, vampire and cowboy. So his latest album about an influential but corrupt cour eunuch ay not sound all that odd to his fans.

In "Gong Gong ith A Headache" released Thursday, Chou raps about the eunuch who has a secret passion for women but "must not touch them." ''Gong Gong" is a name for court eunuchs in China.

In the music video, Chou dances stiffly like a zombie to the tune of hip hop, dressed in sati imperial court ostume.

The singer also wrote the song. He says he was inspired by the popular drama series "The Legend of Zhen Huan" and other court dramas that have captivated audiences i China and Taiwan.


Lol what's wrong with him