December 17th, 2012


Jay Chou comments on Gangnam Style: "did it years ago"

Taiwanese multihyphenate Jay Chou recently got slammed by netizens across Asia for his strongly-worded comments on the global hit Gangnam Style. The 33-year-old apparently called the 'horse dance' moves "old-fashioned," which resulted in much backlash.

Alhough the multi-talented singer gained recognition in South Korea after his self-directed film Secret was shown in the country previously, he has been criticized as "crazy" by the angered fans this time. Some have also reprimanded Jay for being "simply jealous of PSY."

"Gangnam Style may be humourous, but Chinese music is even better. All the artistes should unite and not ride on the Hallyu wave anymore," he rallied, when asked on the song that has taken the world by storm.

PSY's phenomenal track not only kicked off worldwide 'horse dance' frenzy, the song also stayed on the Billboard chart for five weeks and earned a record-breaking 940 million views for its music video. Even international stars such as Madonna and Justin Bieber have their own renditions of Gangnam Style.

Jay was asked to comment on the topic again at the press conference for his new album Opus 12, where he said, "Horse dance? Actually, I did it years ago during Cowboy on the Run."

Fans have pointed out that aside from the horse stable seen in the background of the music videos, the two songs and the dance moves are completely different.

Jay's management company JVR Music has declined to comment on this issue.