December 13th, 2012


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Chinese actress Chen Hao turning 33 on December 9th

➤ Hong Kong singer and actor Leon Lai turning 46 on December 11th

➤ Taiwan musician and Mayday guitarist Stone turning 36 on December 11th

➤ Hong Kong singer and actor Bosco Wong turning 32 on December 13th

 If there are any birthdays not mentioned here between December 9th and December 15th, please let us know in the comments. 
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Teaser trailer for Stephen Chow’s new take on ‘Journey to the West’

Stephen Chow is developing a new take on the Monkey King legend, based on the Chinese fable Journey to the West, which he previously adapted in the popular A Chinese Odyssey Parts 1 and 2. Chow’s project is not to be confused with the other Monkey King movie in the works, starring Donnie Yen.

This time around, Stephen Chow is only co-writing and producing the film while Derek Kwok (Gallants) directs.

Updates: Twitch confirmed that Chow’s film is shooting. Transporter’s Shu Qi will play the female lead, andShow Luo will play Pigsy.

Shu Qi will play a swordswoman who was not featured in the prior films. The film itself will not be a sequel, just cover the same source material.

At a press conference yesterday, China Vision Media Group confirmed the film is slated for a Spring Festival release in 2013. They also announced that Stephen Chow has signed a 7-year contract with the company to direct five films. Meanwhile, Twitch Film has the first poster for the film, titled A Chinese Odyssey.

BREAKING NEWS: The first teaser trailer for the film – now titled Journey to the West - is online, courtesy of Mtime. Stephen Chow is listed as co-director, besides his previously announced roles of producer and writer.