December 11th, 2012


Leon Lai and Maggie Cheung caught in twilight romance?

Hong Kong stars Leon Lai and Maggie Cheung were recently spotted going on dates in both Hong Kong and China. Forty-sex-year-old Leon, who divorced from actress Gaile Lok in October, met Maggie, who has separated from her architect boyfriend, at a charity event.

Although Maggie has expressed a keen interest in music in recent years, she is currently playing 'for fun' and has no real plans on releasing an album.

It has been said that Leon used music as an excuse to ask the 48-year-old out on several occasions to discuss album plans. The two are reportedly getting along very well.
Sources revealed that the singer-actor aims to fulfill Maggie's dream by offering
personal singing lessons, finding professional studios for song recording, and even offering to put the songs up on his own music company A-Music's website for download.

Leon apparently won Maggie over after he specially travelled to Shanghai while the actress was working in the Chinese city.

The pair was first romantically linked after working together on the classic movie Comrades: Almost A Love Story in 1996, but both of them denied the rumours at the time and subsequently found their respective ex-partners.


forty-sex hahah was that intentional?

TVB8 Golden Music Awards 2012 (Winners List)

TVB8 Top Ten Gold Songs

Joey Yung - 雾里看花 (Watching Flowers in Fog)
Yisa Yu - 失恋事小 (Fall Out of Love No Big Deal)
Raymond Lam - 頑石點頭 (Stones Nod)
MIC男團 - Get It Hot
Alfred Hui - 遺棄 (Abandoned)
VC Tan - 傾聽 (Listen)
Charlene Choi - 為什麼 (For What)
Vincy Chan - 一天一天 (One Day One Day)
Jing Chang - 喘息 (Take A Breath)

Global Audience Favorite Cantonese Songs
Raymond Lam - 顽石 (Stone)
G.E.M - What Have U Done
Joey Yung - 墙纸 (Wallpaper)
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Source: HKChannel
Translated by: aZnangel @