December 10th, 2012

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Eason Chan, Hilary Tsui deny drug rumours

HONG KONG: Hong Kong singer Eason Chan and his wife Hilary Tsui on Friday denied rumours that claimed she was among the five celebrities, who allegedly consumed drugs at a party held at one of Hong Kong restaurateur Kenny Wee's establishments last year, reported Hong Kong media.

Tsui and Chan declared in a joint statement that Tsui "did not take drugs", and clarified that the event was simply a birthday dinner for one of Tsui's friends.

The pair also denied media reports that said this issue had left them on the brink of divorce, pointing out that Chan did not "shout expletives" and chase away his wife, that Tsui did not "run away from home", and that their daughter was not upset with them.

"It's a bit mushy, but I still want to say we are in a loving relationship," said Chan, explaining that their relationship has not been affected by the "false media reports" about this incident.

Chan added that they were used to the media scrutiny, but did not want the media to "harass" their young daughter over this case.

Tsui is among a number of Hong Kong celebrities like Sam Lee and Grace Ip, who have become embroiled in a drug scandal, after Wee told the media that he had security camera footage of five Hong Kong celebrities "smoking and taking pills" at one of his restaurants.

Soon after his revelation, the Hong Kong police got involved, and began investigating the matter.



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