December 7th, 2012


Are Rainie Yang and Prince more than friends?

Taiwanese artiste Rainie Yang, 28, is said to be in a May-December romance with Prince, member of boyband JPM. The lad was recently spotted taking a taxi to her place in the middle of the night, leaving Rainie's house only nine hours later. The 23-year-old reportedly curled up in the backseat of the taxi to avoid being discovered.

Their managers later clarified that they gathered at Rainie's place for a birthday celebration and that there is no need for speculation. Both sides have also maintained a "just friends" stance.

Though Rainie once expressed that she will not date anyone who is more than five years her junior, she was seen heading home with 21-year-old Modi, also a JPM member and real brother of Prince, in April. Sources revealed that Modi was just a smokescreen and that the person she is believed to be seeing for six months now is actually Prince.

The singer-actress was subsequently spotted attending a gathering at Prince's house on December 2 and she had similarly hid at the back of a taxi at the time.


Wasn't she actually rumored to be dating one of the other members lol. Maybe she's trying them all!