December 4th, 2012


Jam Hsiao releases "It's all about LOVE"

It's all about LOVE – Jam Hsiao sings about what is most indispensable to him in his fourth original album, which depicts through music the different kinds of love in life. With the support of a stellar songwriting and production crew that includes Adia, Mayday's Ashin and Monster, Sodagreen's Qing Feng, Xiao Yu, Vincent Fang, Hanjin Tan and Peter Kam, Jam's powerful vocals will feature prominently on the new album. The main plugs include the rock anthem "Holmes", rock ballad "It's all about LOVE", retro disco number "Hey, Brother!", and the touching Marry me.

Product Title:It's all about LOVE (Marry Me Edition)
Singer Name(s):Jam Hsiao (Singer)
Release Date:2012-12-07
Country of Origin:Taiwan
01. 福爾摩斯 / Holmes 
02. 爸爸 / Pa Pa 
03. Marry me 
04. 不正常 / Unusual 
05. 活在故事裡 / Story 
06. 以愛之名 / It's all about LOVE 
07. 如果 / If 
08. 兄弟我說/ Hey,Brother! 
09. 練習曲 / Practice 
10. 純金打造 / Golden Love 
11. 你知道嗎? / Do you know?


JPM: New album/MV

JPM - 365
01. 365天 
02. 相信愛 
03. Internet (feat. Kimberley) 
04. Crazy For Love(JPM-毛弟獨唱) 
05. 我沒有很想你 
06. She Wanna Go 
07. 愛情的下坡 
08. 一個人也好(JPM-王子獨唱) 
09. 笑自己(JPM-小傑獨唱) 
10. Singing 4 Love