December 1st, 2012

  • kycoo

New Interview with Top Combine - Dreams Over Money

Among the boybands in mainland China, it is rare to find one that sings its members' own original songs. It is even rarer to find a boyband whose original song has become so popular that non-fans are able to hum the theme. But Top Combine stands out as a representative of this rarity. In a time when idol singers are rushing to movies and television, the four members of Top Combine are avoiding this shortcut to fame and instead focusing wholeheartedly on their music.

Five years ago, Super Boy contestants Zhang Yuan, Ma Xueyang, Liu Zhoucheng, and Li Mao, along with Korean trainee Jin Ensheng, joined to form Top Combine. In the four years since their debut, they quickly became popular due to their pleasant-sounding songs and their eye-catching looks. However, in September of this year, Li Mao announced that he would be leaving the group, changing the five-member group to a quartet.

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Source (translation: kycoo)