November 30th, 2012


Are wedding bells ringing for Charlene Choi and William Chan?

Member of popular Cantopop group Twins Charlene Choi and boyfriend William Chan, Hong Kong singer under the same company, were spotted having joint celebrations every year after their relationship went public in 2010, as their birthdays are just one day apart.

This year however, the singer-actress claimed that it is inadvisable to celebrate turning 30 and due to her work commitments, the couple spent a quiet birthday together instead of their usual lavish parties.
“They [birthdays] happen every year. We'll just spend the day together when we can," she said, inviting speculation on the pair's marriage plans.

Last week, William was spotted fetching Charlene to a seafood restaurant for a meal with his family as celebration for his mum who shares the same birthday as him.

The Chan family filled an entire table and in a sweet gesture, the 27-year-old stood to assist his girlfriend with helping the elders to the dishes so that she could sit down and enjoy her meal. Charlene was seen mingling well with his family members and the party carried on until 4am in the morning.

When asked on his marriage plans after bringing his beau to the ‘meet-the-parents' session, William explained, “It was just a birthday celebration. I'll think about marriage when I turn 30."


Wtf I didn't even know they were dating!

Liu Ye reveals that Chang Chen cooks for Daniel Wu

The film THE LAST SUPPER held its premiere in Beijing. "Xiang Yu" Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), "Liu Bang" Liu Ye, and "Han Xin" Chang Chen attended. They accepted the challenge and answered Chu-Han Contention idiom and knowledge questions. Liu Ye repeatedly answered incorrectly. He shamefully joked that he lost all his face. During the 8 month long production, the three kings were with each other day and night. They were like brothers but were made fun of a "heavy in gay flavor". Liu Ye even revealed, "Chang Chen cooked for Ng Yin Cho everyday!" Chang Chen struck back and and pointed out that Liu Ye was tight with director Lu Chuan and were very ambiguous!

Although LAST was a male drive film, when actress He Dujuan performed "Farewell My Concubine", her emotional dialogue almost made Ng Yin Cho cry. Another actress Qin Lan had more scenes with Liu Ye. She played Empress Lu from young to old and was just as much a bright spot. A surprise segment of "director interrogation" took place. Chang Chen accused Lu Chuan of being a masochist who "does not use doubles even for dangerous stunts". Liu Ye said that he "has no upper limit during the shoot". Actually everyone is secretly complimenting the director for his serious production.


TVB Presents Stephen Chow "30 Years of Service"; Wayne Lai & Nancy Wu "10 Years of Service"

Last night, TVB held the Long Service Employees Honor and Awards Presentation, where Wayne Lai, Lau Kong, Nancy Wu, Chris Lai and Vin Choi were in attendance. At the ceremony, TVB presented the "30 Years of Service" award to veteran actor Lau Kong and surprisingly even Stephen Chow still has a TVB artist contract. His 1.5 tael (~57 grams) gold metal was especially delivered to him.

Wayne and Nancy were both presented with the "10 Years of Service" gold metals (weighs 3 maces or ~11 grams). Since Wayne had once left TVB, so his time with the company just adds up to 10 years. Wayne smiled and said time flew by and he should say, "How many 10 years are in life?" He also admitted he had a very prosperous 10 years and hopes he'll become the TV King for the third time. Nancy was pretty shocked when she learned she got the "10 years" award with Wayne, "When I found out, I was so shocked [because] I've been watching him act since childhood." She hopes this year she'll get the 'Best Supporting Actress' as her reward and for memories. Earlier it was rumored Nancy and Kenneth Ma 'sparked love' again while shooting in Europe for TITS2? Nancy already has a new boyfriend, she expressed her romance with Kenneth had already died. Her current boyfriend did not get jealous. This year, Lau Kong got a pay raise and just renewed his contract with TVB, he said: "People say TVB is no good, but the company treats me pretty good. I didn't consider the money issue when I renewed my contract. After all, I'm fine with a pay raise." TVB General Manager (Lee Bo On) denied the "pay freezes" and stressed next year, TVB employees will definitely get a pay raise and bonuses.

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @