November 20th, 2012


More controversy brews over Jay Chou's new movie

Taiwanese multihyphenate Jay Chou's second self-directed movie, Rooftop, has again stirred controversy over the NT$12 million (S$500,000) grant that the film received from Taiwan's Ministry of Culture.

With an income worth NT$570 million (S$23.99 million) this year, on top of his immense popularity in Taiwan and China, it is believed that obtaining sponsorships would not be too difficult for the superstar. The 33-year-old was berated for 'fighting' over the government subsidy with other Taiwanese film producers who need the grant more than him.

Sources revealed that production costs amount to NT$200 million (S$8.4 million) in total. The film's publicist said in response, 'Jay did not fund the production, as Rooftop was an investment from several parties. We've gotten the grant and we'll pay our dues through marketing methods when the film premieres.'

The eligibility of the grant has also been questioned, as the film is a Taiwan-China co-production. Mr. Zhu Wen Qing, Chief of Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development explained, 'Currently a co-production is valid for grant application as long as the director and more than half the main cast are of Taiwanese nationality, and as long as more than one-third of the filming is done in Taiwan, the film is considered as a local production.'

Since filming began in July, the movie has been plagued by controversies. It was reported that visitors to the Hutoupi Scenic Area in Tainan were stopped from entering the tourist spot when the crew was there for filming.

Subsequently, an old street in Siluo Town of Yunlin County was closed again for filming reasons on a holiday, incurring wrath from the public. During filming, production crew were also said to be threatened with expulsion should they reveal details of the movie online.


Huang Xiao Ming breaks his leg from broken wire

Mainland star Huang Xiaoming yesterday had an accident while working on the film BRIDE WITH WHITE HAIR (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN ji MING YUET TIN GOK) and broke his leg. He also suffered from scratches and bruises and currently is hospitalized in a Beijing hospital. Huang Xiaoming was conscious when he was rushed to the emergency room and appeared to be stable.

The film recently began production in Beijing and starred Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming. Jacob Cheung Chi Leung was the director and Tsui Hark the art consultant. At the time Huang Xiaoming was working on a wire scene. When he reached 3 meters above ground, he suddenly lost his balance and fell. The left side of his body landed first and thus his left arm and leg could not move. The crew immediately stabilized his left arm and leg first and rushed him to the hospital. From the initial diagnosis, his broken bone situation for now was not serious.

According to the doctor, Huang Xiaoming's left leg has already been diagnosed as a comminuted fracture. The overall injury level required more in depth examination. Huang Xiaoming's mother rushed to the hospital when Xiaoming arrived.


Jerry Yan supports Mayday despite busy work schedule

Taiwanese band Mayday will be holding their concert in Kaohsiung, Taiwan next month. Jerry Yan specially returned to Taiwan to star in the concert's promotional clip.

Although he's busy filming his new drama, In Love We Trust, Jerry immediately agreed to come after Mayday's vocalist, Ashin, who is his good friend, invited him to act in the video.

In the video, Jerry plays a dejected office executive who has to stand in the rain while getting booed by over 20 "subordinates".
The Taiwanese actor was completely professional and didn't complain at all despite getting drenched in a large downpour, which he sheltered himself from by using a briefcase.

Jerry's manager commented that the 35-year-old had other work commitments in Taiwan and proceeded to shoot Mayday's promotional video on the way.

Due to a packed filming schedule, Jerry will not be able to attend the Golden Horse Awards this Saturday, missing the rare opportunity to appear onstage together with former girlfriend, Taiwanese model Lin Chi-ling.