November 19th, 2012


Wilber Pan stuns at solo concert

Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan held his solo concert in Beijing on Saturday as part of his third world tour since his debut 10 years ago.

The 32-year-old raised the curtains with the concert’s title song ‘Release Yourself’, appearing on stage in a ball-shaped time machine. He opened the show in a bright red knight costume and black aviators.

Though Wilber suffered a serious ligament injury from vigorous dance training a few years ago, only to injure his foot again before the concert this time around, he gave his all during the show. To his relief and satisfaction, the re-arrangement of his dances won roaring cheers from the crowd.

He was also visibly in tears after watching a video showing highlights of his singing career.  

“From the time when only 11 people came to watch me perform, to right now when I’m already on my third tour, I’m so glad to have you guys!”

While Wilber gave a professional performance, the highlight came with his good friend Kenji Wu’s appearance. He took the ‘initiative’ to kiss Kenji, who replied abashedly, “No tongue!”

The two then shared a ‘passionate’ kiss on stage, attracting the loudest screams from the fans.