November 16th, 2012


Denise Ho has more to say

The day before, Denise Ho (Hocc) was promoting for her new song No Face Man (無臉人) on the radio station. Reporters just kept striking her with questions relating to her and her past rumored girlfriends. Hocc defended the girls: "The majority of the rumors are fake." When asked if close friend Joey Yung is bisexual? Hocc helplessly said: "It's hard to answer." Unexpectedly her one response, "it's difficult to answer" triggered a huge reaction in the public. Joey's manager Mani Fok revealed Joey emotionally broke down and has locked herself up at home crying.

Majority of Rumors Are Fake

Yesterday Hocc accepted an interview and when asked of her past relationships, she generously revealed she had her first relationship after she entered the industry. When asked if her partner was someone from the industry? Hocc avoided: "You are in the industry too! (Then was she?) After all, I only started dating after I entered the industry. (It was rumored you and Joey dated before, is this true?) I'm not answering. I can just say the majority of the rumors are fake." When asked about her views on bisexuals? She said: "Love, it all comes down to the heart. The heart doesn't have a sexual desire, every individual has hidden potential for both sides. (Do you accept a bisexual ex-lover?) It's not about accepting or not. In this century, many people may have had experiences from both sides."

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Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

It's that time again Aiya! That's right, F4 REUNION RUMOR TIME

Taiwanese boy band F4, consisting of members Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu and Vic Zhou, rose to fame after filming Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden in 2001. They became a popular figure in Asia and have released three albums, which include popular tracks "Meteor Rain" and the Mandarin cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love".

In 2008, the boys became preoccupied with their solo careers in acting and music, thus reducing group work assignments.
While in China to promote his new drama, Home, Vic commented that the story revolves intensively around "bromance".
Touched by his own character in Home, Vic said, "It makes me reminisce on the days with the F4 members."

Vic also added that they would contact and update each other often, while hinting that F4 would "reunite at the right time".
When asked if the 31-year-old is still willing to take on idol dramas, he answered, "I won't deliberately avoid [acting in idol dramas]. Acting is a lifelong journey."