November 14th, 2012


Taiwan's celebrity top earners list revealed

Ever the hard worker, Taiwanese artiste Jolin Tsai once again emerged as the highest earner in the industry, reaping an income of NT$740 million (S$31.23 million) this year.

A total of 21 endorsement projects brought in NT$540 million (S$22.79 million) for the 32-year-old, allowing her to top the list of the highest paid celebrities.

Following his good friend Jolin's footsteps, Show Luo took up commercial endorsements one after another this year, winning the second spot with earnings worth NT$620 million (S$26.16 million).
Jolin's ex-boyfriend Jay Chou, who held the list's top position for four years, has been caught up in his romance with young beau Hannah Quinlivan. He has yet to release a new album this year, and with only 13 endorsements and 26 commercial performances on top of cutting down on his concert tours, Jay receded to third position, bringing in NT$570 million (S$24.05 million).

The fourth and fifth spots are taken by Lee Hom and Elva Hsiao, with earnings amounting to NT$530 million (S$22.37 million) and NT$380 million (S$16.04 million) respectively.

The celebrity top earners list is generated from the figures given by record companies and event organizers, summing up the artistes' income from commercial endorsements, as well as concert and album sales.

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Xi Jinping takes helm of China with top party spot

New leadership in China faces obstacles to rule

Xi Jinping has become leader of China, securing the Communist Party's top spot as the country faces slower economic growth and rising public demands for change.

The state Xinhua News Agency on Thursday confirmed Xi's elevation to party general secretary. Xi also was appointed head of the commission that oversees the military.

The selection of Xi follows a pivotal party congress that underlined the communists' determination to remain firmly in power. Xi is the son of a party elder and has served as vice president for the past five years.

He will lead the world's No. 2 economy and newest diplomatic and military power amid increasingly vocal calls for economic and political reform.

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From the BBC, listing the others: Li Keqiang, Zhang Dejiang, Yu Zhengsheng, Liu Yunshan, Wang Qishan, Zhang Gaoli

CBC News called it!!