November 10th, 2012


Hong Kong rock band Mr. grateful for success

SINGAPORE - Mr. is Hong Kong's most popular band at the moment, and its five members are grateful for their mainstream success on home turf.

When the quintet first signed with a major record label for their commercial debut in 2008, their move had been seen as a "sell out" of their artistic principles by many in Hong Kong's indie rock scene.

"We remain very much misunderstood to this day, but we have learnt to ignore the bashers," said band guitarist Ronny Lay. Lead vocalist Alan Po also added that the band would rather focus on making good music than to get all hung up on whether they are making 'rock' music.

While some of the band's radio and karaoke-friendly rock numbers have not gone down well with the underground rock scene, they have been very well-received among Cantopop followers. Slated for their third gig at the Hong Kong Coliseum come January, Mr. also have plans to launch a Mandarin album to take their music beyond Hong Kong.

In Singapore for the first time recently, the five members shared why it is such a blessing to have commercial success. Find out more about their tougher times on RazorTV.

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