November 9th, 2012


Vietnamese dance music label scores international success

Vietnamese dance music has taken its first strides into the international arena following the inclusion of the Thai Phan produced trance hit ‘I Hope You Will Come Back’ on the Global Trance Sessions Vol. 3 compilation

Global Trance Sessions Vol.3 Album Unmixed will be released on November 19, and be available from all major online music stores.

The track, released by newly founded Vietnamese dance music label Club G Records based in Ho Chi Minh City, was selected in late October for inclusion.

Club G Records was Vietnam’s first dedicated dance music record label. The label currently sells its tracks online via leading international music distribution sites such as Beatport, iTunes, amazon, Junodownloads and the Nokia music store.

Producer Thai Phan recalls his reaction when he heard that an international label had picked his track for the compilation, “I was shocked, I was moved to tears as I’ve been learning and working for years. When I was heard about the news, I thought it was a joke at first, I couldn’t sleep when I found out it was true! I couldn’t help but ring up everyone, telling them the news.’’

The label is already home to leading Vietnamese dance music producers including Khoa Tran, DSmall, Aponeo and Jeffbeat, and international producers such as Ruben Farias and Project W. The label is currently negotiating with music artists and producers from Mexico, Netherland, Germany, Greece, Britain and US to sign to the label in the near future.

Club G Records has also established a sub-label, Melody Garden Recordings, which focuses on vocal house tracks.

While mainly dedicated to trance and house, Club G Records will also develop a new sub-label selling Vietnamese produced dubstep, drum & bass and hip hop.

Club G Records Managing Director Ngoc Danny (Dang Vo Ngoc Dung) said, “We had some hopes for the track, but this was unexpected. It was such great news for Thai Phan, Club G and Vietnamese dance music as a whole. It proves that Vietnamese dance music can grow. It is time for that! “




Somchai and Dhitivute Bulsook, the CEO and president respectively of leading cold drinks firm Sermsuk celebrated the debut of the cool "est" brand last Friday night with a major event at The Okura Prestige Bangkok Hotel, opening a new chapter in Thailand’s carbonated soft drinks industry (CSDs).

To accelerate market awareness and acceptance, especially among young customers, Sermsuk has recruited three famous singers as presenters: Pakin ''Tono'' Kumwilaisuk from The Star Season 6, Sukrit ''Bee'' Wisetkaew from GMM Grammy and Pirat '"Mike'" Nitipaisalkul'.

Five cool "est" phenomena are set to drive sales of an estimated Bt8 billion in the first year.

Firstly, "est" is a cool yet easy to remember brand. It's a suffix that expresses a superlative - such as great-est, new-est or cool-est. Brand communications will be based on the concept of "est it your way", representing the DNA of Thai teens and inspiring them to do everything to their full-est efforts.

Secondly, the "tasty-est" flavour is designed to have a unique flavour that satisfies consumers.

Thirdly, the new-est range of packaging is designed to meet all lifestyle requirements. New "est" cola will be available in seven package sizes to match consumer lifestyles.

Fourthly, Sermsuk has created the "cool-est" phenomenon as it debuts the "est" brand through a full-scale marketing campaign and sales operations in all channels with a budget of Bt300 million for the brand launch period.

Finally, Sermsuk has built the wide-est sales network to hit its target.


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