October 30th, 2012


Is Kate Tsui the reason behind Leon Lai's divorce?

Reconciliation rumours surfaced when the Hong Kong tabloids claimed that heavenly king Leon Lai and Hong Kong TVB actress Kate Tsui appeared in Shanghai together last week.

The pair met in 2005 and was romantically involved after working together for a telecommunications commercial. This ad also led to a marked increase in Kate's popularity in the Hong Kong showbiz industry.
Leon and Kate bumped into each other again at a mall's opening ceremony in January this year and sparks flew between the rumoured ex-lovers again.

Leon's marriage with model Gaile Lok was on the rocks then. The latter was reportedly furious and left for the US after she knew about his alleged relationship.

Coincidentally, Kate, a former Miss Hong Kong, also ended her six-month-long relationship with ophthalmologist boyfriend, Marvin Tse.
Determined to end the marriage, Gaile returned to Hong Kong in August and demanded an end to the matter. Wishing to keep his relationship with Kate under wraps, the 45-year-old agreed to Gaile's request, distributing a portion of his assets to her.

Currently in Malaysia for a promotional event, Kate dismissed such rumours and stressed, "[The reports] are untrue and over-exaggerated. We [Leon and Kate] have not met after the commercial seven years ago. I can only clarify this matter once I return to Hong Kong."


Yang Mi Meets Hollywood Filmmakers

Chinese actress Yang Mi reportedly flew to Hollywood yesterday.

She visited a group of celebrities working in Hollywood including 'American Idol' ex-judge Paula Abdul, renowned music producer Warren G and "CZ12" leading actress Laura Weissbeker.

Larry Namer, CEO of Metan Development Group, held a welcome party with about one hundred celebrities in attendance for actress Yang.

According to some sources, Yang Mi's journey to Hollywood is related to the possibility of making a Chinese television series alongside Namer's company. However, it is not thought that the new TV series will be a remake of the popular American show "Gossip Girl."



Thailand's top rockers from the '80s and '90s unite next month

Nine big Thai rock acts from the 1980s and '90s will be back on stage next month in a concert that's designed to showcase their expressive vocals and soulful guitar melodies.

Titled "The Hurt Rockers", the concert is the brainchild of Peter Louis Maiocchi of production house and organiser Freedom and Fun.

"The whole concept is based on my happy childhood memories," Maiocchi explained. "I've selected nine artists that I grew up thinking of as my big brothers, whose songs made me feel better whenever I faced problems with my parents, my friends and my girlfriends. It's like I've known all these singers personally for years.

"The songs that soothed my teenage angst included Jirasak 'Maew' Panphum's 'Lerk Ra' [Termination] and Nakharin 'Pang' Kingsak's 'Phuchai Rong Hai' [Crying Man] and 'Nangsue Roon' [Yearbook]. 'Nangsue Roon' was really special, as I think we all look back with a mix of sadness and joy at our school years and the friends we left behind.

"I'm taking the good old days back to this concert. We're all grown up now but that doesn't stop us from singing these songs again and maybe even crying together."

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