October 28th, 2012


Han Han speaks truths, haters gon hate

October 28, 2012

Not so long ago, many Chinese commentators wrote in a cautious, oblique style designed not to offend the nation's famously humorless leaders — then came the Internet, blogs and a cheeky young man named Han Han.

The voice of China's post-'80s generation, Han is ironic, skeptical and blunt — writing what many young Chinese think but dare not say publicly.

Now 30 years old, Han has boy-band good looks, drives race cars and has 8 million followers on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

A collection of his satiric essays is out this month for the first time in English. It's called This Generation: Dispatches From China's Most Popular Literary Star (and Race Car Driver).

Han aims his sarcastic barbs at a wide range of targets in Chinese government and society, from the state education system:

— "I participated in quite a few essay competitions. Before each event, I had to first brainwash myself and check to see what slogans were in fashion."

To the rule of law:

— "We learned that the first article of the Constitution is: 'If we say you're guilty, you're guilty.' "

And the growing gap between the rulers and the ruled:

— "The main contradiction in China today is between the growing intelligence of the population and rapidly waning morality of our officials."

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Lol @ the obvious plants on Amazon calling him a fake.