October 26th, 2012


Barbie and Dee Hsu's father dies of liver cancer

The father of famous Taiwanese showbiz sisters, Barbie and Dee Hsu, passed away on Tuesday afternoon after losing his battle with liver cancer.

Barbie and Dee's mother confirmed his death later via text message, stating that "Mr Hsu has passed away peacefully and was accompanied by his three daughters and sons-in law. He did not have any regrets."

Mr Hsu's body is currently placed in the morgue and a simple Catholic funeral ceremony will be held.

The sisters' parents divorced when they were young, but the sisters still kept in close contact with their father. He attended Barbie's wedding last year as well as some family gatherings.

Despite receiving treatment for his liver cancer, Mr Hsu's condition worsened last month, leading to his hospitalization.

It was reported that Dee shelved her work assignments in China last month. She also cancelled the recording session for her program, Mr Con & Ms Csi yesterday.
Barbie and Dee also went to the hospital and visited their dad daily.
Dee's manager, Qiao An, commented, "Don't bother her for the time being. Thank you for your concern."

Dee's cousin said that Mr Hsu "did not go for check-ups regularly", and was thus unable to treat his illness at an earlier stage.
The hospital also refused to disclose further details of his death, only expressing that Mr Hsu suffered from liver cancer for "quite a while."


Show Luo and Rainie Yang dating rumour resurfaces

They were once said to be lovers when they filmed Taiwanese idol series, Hi My Sweetheart, in 2010.

Dating rumours between Show Luo and Rainie Yang made headlines again recently after the two Taiwanese artistes shot a commercial together.

Said to be in a four-month-long relationship, rumour has it sparks flew between the two again when they played a couple for the commercial shoot. According to reports, the couple displayed no sign of awkwardness and readily hammed it up for the cameras when the director requested for them to be affectionate.

Sources revealed the two singers-actors decided to keep their relationship under wraps and away from the media eye due to their "idol" statuses.

After Show and Rainie's turn as an adorable couple in Hi My Sweetheart, they were suspected to be a real-life couple due to their good onscreen and off-camera chemistry. Seen as a publicity stunt by some fans, reps from both artistes denied the claims and emphasised that they are "very close friends". Rainie and Show were romantically linked with different partners a couple of months later.

Before they became friends and "lovers", the couple had a long-running misunderstanding between them. Rainie's previous relationship with Show buddy's Alien Huang, did not end on a good note and left the former a negative impression on Rainie. The couple resolved their issues and misunderstandings after collaborating in Hi My Sweetheart.


Nicholas Tse reveals cancer scare

Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse recently revealed that he underwent a surgery to remove a cancerous growth on his scalp. During the talk show, Nicholas shared that he received the call from the host to appear on the program, on the day he went for the procedure.

The 32-year-old first noticed the appearance of black moles on his crown three years ago, when he had to shave for the filming of movie Bodyguards and Assassins. He waved it off but was alarmed when he discovered that the moles increased in size and became patches of pigmentation when he went bald again for a recent movie role.
His manager urged him to visit the doctor when he observed that some of these black patches were swollen.

At the doctor's he was advised to undergo operation immediately as his condition was diagnosed as a type of skin cancer.
Nicholas' worried fans left pages of online messages to show their concern after the program was aired.
His manager reassured them and clarified that it is a benign growth.

t's a good thing we discovered [the disease] early. On Nicholas' behalf, I thank everyone for their concern.

Nicholas also mentioned all the cancerous tissues have been removed after the surgery that has left him with five stitches.

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