October 20th, 2012


Hannah Quinlivan violates traffic rules with Jay Chou’s car

Hannah Quinlivan got into an accident two days ago while driving a million-dollar sports car which is said to be a gift from her rumoured beau Jay Chou.

The 19-year-old made an illegal right turn which resulted in a three-way collision with two other motorists who could not avoid her car in time. The starlet reportedly broke down in tears when the accident happened. She called the police and sent the two victims to the hospital after calming down.

The male motorist suffered a concussion while the female motorist sustained abrasive injuries. Hannah apologized to both victims at the hospital and offered to bear all medical expenses.

When asked to comment on the accident, Hannah's manager said, 'Hannah was scared to death. She couldn't stop crying!' He could not confirm if the Hannah's car was a gift from Jay as she was driving it even before he met her.

Jay showed his concern by sending his assistant to the scene and released an official statement through his record company: 'I hope everyone is fine. I will pray for them.'

The police have clarified that it is not a drink-driving offence as Hannah's breathalyzer test had negative results.