October 19th, 2012


Nicholas Tse talks about ex-lovers

The usually tight-lipped Nicholas Tse made an unprecedented move recently, when he openly discussed his past relationships with Cecilia Cheung and Faye Wong, in an interview.

Commenting on his divorce spat with Cecilia last year, the 32-year-old explained that it was not related to his ex-wife's photo scandal with Edison Chen. He mentioned that the root cause behind their separation was due to their "immature" relationship.

Nicholas added that he admires Cecilia's "clear distinction between love and hatred". He is grateful that they are still friends even after their separation as it will not bring his sons additional hurt.

When asked if there was a chance for reconciliation, he firmly said, "No."

On his ex-relationship with Chinese pop diva Faye, Nicholas said their relationship resembled that of "any other normal couple" despite their difference in age and celeb status back then.

The show' host, who is also a good friend of Nicholas, revealed that the father of two sons used to call Faye "baby" when they were dating.

While Nicholas was opened to most questions on his ex-relationships, the actor refused to comment when asked if Cecilia was the third party in his relationship with Faye


Cheryl Yang and Harry Chang calls it quits?

It has been a month since Cheryl Yang and Harry Chang reportedly broke up. The latter was recently at the movies with his rumoured newfound beau, Jenna Wang, his co-star in the drama Bad Boys' Diary.

At the movies with a group of friends, the two kept a distance from each other after exiting the cinemas when they spotted the presence of reporters. Harry appeared exceptionally alert as he hurriedly left the scene with Jenna.

Responding to news of Cheryl's split from Harry, the actress' manager claimed that the pair are just “good friends” and thanked the media for their concern.
Similarly, Harry's manager clarified that they have never dated and refused to comment on Harry and Jenna's dating rumour.

On-off couple, Harry and Cheryl, met on the set of drama My Queen in 2009 and unwittingly revealed their relationship in early 2010 after they were pictured together on a date. They were rumoured to have split and patched up several times in the past two years.  

The lovebirds' most recent public sighting was in June this year, when they were spotted at the cinemas in couple wear.
Due to their five-year age gap (Cheryl is 35 and Harry is 30), the difference in priorities have caused a growing rift between them. Harry reportedly wants to focus on his entertainment career at the moment, while Cheryl hopes to get married soon.