October 10th, 2012

  • kycoo

Top Combine News Round-up

If you think someone's missing from the above picture... you're right. :'(

*** Li Mao officially leaves Top Combine
Li Mao officially made his announcement to leave Top Combine on Thursday on the finale of this season’s Your Face Sounds Familiar (百变大咖秀). He said the difficult decision was a bid for him to achieve his dreams of becoming an actor while the rest of the group pursues music.

He has also posted an announcement on weibo. Behind the cut are translations of his weibo and member’s comments on it: Collapse )

*** Top Combine releases new song "Glad You're Here"
eeMedia’s Top Combine revealed their first single “Glad You’re Here” from their new 2012 album. Top Combine especially dedicated this song to the fans who’ve supported and encouraged them unwaveringly throughout their career. This is Top Combine’s first single since member Li Mao’s departure, and to prove that they are still a unified team TC decided to challenge the triathlon. “Glad You’re Here” is another original composition by member Ma Xueyang; to help better showcase the member’s vocal and musical growth music producer Nan Zheng was invited to oversee the production. Listen to the song below:

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Quite liking the new song, but Li Mao... ;____;
Also, yay for Xiao Wu rescuing Xueyang during the swimming part of the triathlon. lol.

Taiwan kicks off National Day celebrations

Taipei, Oct. 10 (CNA) Taiwan kicked off a series of National Day celebrations with a performance by a military honor guard and marching band in Taipei Wednesday, the 101st birthday of the Republic of China.

More than 400 members of the Ministry of National Defense Honor Guard and the Joint Military Marching Band performed a 15-minute show in the plaza in front of the Presidential Office.

Honor guard members demonstrated their rifle twirling skills and the band gave a special drumming performance, winning rounds of applause from the audience.

The servicemen ended their part of the show by forming the figure 101 in honor of the country's birthday.

A group of five helicopters with the ROC national flag and a "Happy Birthday" banner hanging from them later flew over the Presidential Office.

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