October 7th, 2012


Richie Ren holds first solo concert at Taipei Arena

Richie Ren will finally hold his first solo concert at Taipei Arena after making numerous appearances at the venue as a guest artiste.

The Taiwanese singer-actor has mixed feelings about his dip in popularity over the past few years and cites Taiwanese rock band, Mayday, as the main propeller behind his decision to hold the concert.

"I've received much encouragement from Mayday this time to pursue my dreams and not worry too much. I believe the Taiwanese fans are very warm and will come forth and support [the concert] as long as I am sincere," said Richie.

Fans might also be in for a "bare-it-all" segment at the concert depending on its "atmosphere".

The 46-year-old will be recreating a 100-metre track at the arena to perform fast-speed car stunts, proving his determination to "drive up a storm" with the show. At a promotional event held earlier, Richie made his entrance on a TW$5million (S$210,000) heavy duty bike accompanied by a group of riders.

A reporter who got injured at the promotional event was sent to the hospital immediately. Said reporter was treated for surface wounds and returned to the event later.

Richie Ren's concert will take place on Dec 15, at the Taipei Arena.