October 1st, 2012


Wedding continues for Tank despite typhoon

After a two-year long courtship, singer-songwriter Tank and wife, MerMer, got married amidst bad weather and relentless rain when Typhoon Jelawat hit Taiwan last Friday.

The couple originally intended to tie the knot in end-2011 but had to postpone the wedding due to the accidental arrival of their daughter, Hua Hua, who was born in May this year.

Tank, 30, shouted “I do” thrice and exchanged wedding vows before hundreds of guests -- and the typhoon -- that night. Touched by his words, Mer Mer expressed, “You have matured a lot and marrying you is worthwhile.”

Unlike her parents, 10-month-old Huahua made a low profile entrance as Tank was afraid she “might get lost after rounds of cuddling.”

When asked if they are ready for a second child, both preferred to let nature take its course.



Authorities To Shut Down Ai Weiwei’s Firm

Chinese authorities are closing down the firm handling Ai Weiwei's affairs, the outspoken artist said on Monday, possibly saving him from paying the remainder of a 15m yuan (£1.5m) tax fine.

The 55-year-old said he believed he and his team had lost the battle but won the war, after a court rejected his appeal against the charges last week.

Officials said this weekend they were removing Fake Cultural Development's business licence because it had not met annual registration requirements. The company has been unable to do so because police confiscated all its materials and its stamp when they detained Ai last year.

"I think it could be an excuse not to give us a fine," the artist added. Ai's lawyer, Liu Xiaoyuan, said it was not clear how Fake could pay the 6.6m yuan outstanding if it had no licence. But he added that he had filed a request for a hearing into its closure.

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carly v d.carly

Rhydian Vaughan is happy with his heritage

Among the sea of Chinese faces in new romance drama Gf*Bf - which means girlfriend-boyfriend - Taiwanese-British actor Rhydian Vaughan stands out because he looks so foreign.

Yet in the rites-of-passage movie, his character is made out to be a heart-on-sleeve Taiwanese boy, someone who regularly cries out how much he loves the region and being Taiwanese.

The apparent irony of casting such a foreign-looking actor in the role is intentional, says director Yang Ya-che with a chuckle.

Speaking over the telephone from Taiwan, the 41-year-old film-maker tells Life!: "I chose him for the part because it would drive home my point about identity and nationalism. In Taiwan, a lot of people for a long time segregated themselves according to their place of origin, as in whether they were native Taiwanese or immigrants.

"So for someone like Rhydian to look so foreign, but to say that he loves being Taiwanese, drives home the point that anyone can be called Taiwanese, as long as he has the passion for the place and the feeling of connection to it."

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Another article about him here, but it's not as interesting imo. Anyway, Rhydian has a new drama (Die Sterntaler) coming out Oct 14th! Too bad it looks lame as all get-out, but surely it can't be worse than Love Recipe...right?

Also, did anyone watch Gf*Bf? How was it? I was going to watch it when I was in Taiwan, but it seemed like there was so much Taiwanese and I was not really in the mood to read subtitles for the entire movie lol.